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IIA-UK (Eastern Region)

19 Sept 2003, Ipswich

Analytical Aspects of Audit

CIPFA in the Midlands

22 Oct 2003, Coventry

Electronic Working Papers (for Audit)

Institute of Revenues, Rating and Valuation

February 2008, Benefit Magazine

Certificated Conflict

Excel DevCon 2012

25 January 2012, Barbican, London

"Controlled Statements" within ACBA Electronic Working Papers

EuSpRIG 2012

5 - 6th July 2012, EuSpRIG 13th Annual Conference, Manchester. ISBN 978-0-9569258-6-2

On the Interpretation of Spreadsheets within their Environment

EtSpRIG 2013

4 - 5th July 2013 EuSpRIG 14th Annual Conference, Greenwich

Spatial Modelling Techniques in Microsoft Excel (plus slide presentation)


EuSpRIG, the European Spreadsheet Risk Interest Group, holds an annual conference (usually in early July) to which both academics and interested people from the business community are invited.


Last updated 10 October 2016

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